Medical fundraising and crowdfunding

Online medical crowdfunding is an alternative way for individuals and organizations to generate the necessary funds for expensive medical treatments such as open-heart surgery, NICU care, bone marrow transplant, cancer treatment, and any other disease. Medical Bills are a Burden for Many Individuals and Families

Expenses related to a hospital stay, cancer treatment with high-cost chemotherapy routines, and other medicinal costs can be even higher. The cost of treatment and the necessary cost of living can bring the best families to the brink of facing difficult times. Insurance plans are not enough, as policies do not cover everything you need.

Try Medical Crowdfunding

Stop worrying about rising medical bills, or debts, and start a medical fundraising campaign with Keto. Our online crowdfunding platform is rated the best in Asia. Crowdfunding is the easiest way to get help from friends, family, and many individuals who are waiting to donate money.

Start a Medical Fundraiser for Yourself or a Loved One

With STAALLION FOUNDATION, you can start a free, easy grant accumulation in minutes to cover medical bills and health care costs. You can also play the role of spreading the word and bringing money when a close friend discovers unexpected diseases. Medical fundraising campaigns can give your well-wishers a way to express support when needed.

Why are people choosing medical crowdfunding?

High medical treatment expenses

Medical emergencies come without warning. Many times health insurance and savings are not enough to cover expensive bills. Crowdfunding helps you reach your goal by receiving small donations from a large group of people.

Asking for Money? Not at all Easy

It can be awkward and inconvenient to ask for help from people when needed and to describe financial problems face-to-face. Online crowdfunding makes the money-seeking process easier and more intuitive.

Emergencies don’t give time to think

When your loved ones are exposed to life-threatening illnesses, it is emotionally and financially overwhelming. Most medical emergencies require treatment to begin as soon as possible. By giving you a platform to share your emergencies, online crowdfunding helps you gather money quickly.

Loan. Isn’t it Stressful?

It is very common to drown in personal loans at the time of a medical emergency. Once the money is collected, it can take months, sometimes even years, to repay that debt. Online crowdfunding comes without debt.