Trust and safety

For Donors

Staallion foundation is created to help the individuals who need funds either for their treatment or for their startup project.

Since we are living in a technology-driven market and Staallion foundation directly pays funds to the hospital only. So, it’s much easier to trust and it’s the utmost security we can offer. It is a simple technology-driven platform that is developed to meet the fundraiser and donor. A donor lists his details officially on a webpage with hospital details and we created a highly secured website so no one can modify the details other than the donor and also after verification from hospital authorities the donor details are listed on our website. If team Staallion foundation finds something suspicious, then the fundraising program doesn’t go live and legal actions are taken against that fund campaign raiser.

For Campaigners

We at Staallion foundation make sure regarding a 100%  security and success rate of your transactions.

You can engage with your donors through social media platforms or through directly connecting with the hospitals and also pay a visit to that person. We are here to connect you both. We are there for any kind of support you need from us. We are available 24/7 for your query resolution. We engage every living being as a part of our family. The Staallion foundation is born with a mission that every living being should receive help in a timely manner.

For Investors

The startup projects are listed on the website are innovations by the maker. Once any investor shows interest in any project, the details of the project owner are sent to the investor. As we are here to connect the innovator and the investor. Staallion foundation is born to help not to earn profit. Every innovator cannot afford to attend expensive seminars for their startup project. Here we act as support without asking for any kind of money from innovators. We are also a platform for those startups who only need fund and doesn’t want to sell their partnership in project or company. Those investors/donors who want to donate for the development of the country are also welcomed here.