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Why Nilesh Staallion Foundation

We promise that your giving will reach to the needy and it will help us to create a better environment for everyone.

It doesn’t matter to us where you live, even if you are in a distant village. Our duty is to help you and that too without any meaning. We just want that everyone can help the needy.


A World Where No Dream Is Unfunded.
We envision a future where limitations melt away, replaced by a boundless platform fueled by compassion and collaboration. Imagine a world where anyone, anywhere, can access the resources they need to turn their dreams into reality, regardless of background or circumstance.
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Why Nilesh Staallion Foundation?

Nilesh Staallion Foundation is a Crowdfunding Platform Which Aims to Assist Every Living Being.

User friendly

An user friendly platform which helps in connecting both the individuals for a social cause.


Nilesh Staallion Foundation supports all payment gateway through which you can donate easily.


Nilesh Staallion Foundation makes sure that funds are directly paid to the hospitals and project owners which secures any misuse of the fund.

Verified Campaigns

Nilesh Staallion Foundation verifies all the fundraiser related posting by visiting hospitals and verifying the details of the fund requester.

You can initiate crowdfunding for
Every child deserves a healthy start

Thanks to giving people like you, 33 million children are growing up healthy, nourished and treated for childhood killers like pneumonia. Explore the results you’ve helped make possible and how you can help more children survive and thrive.

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October 30, 2023 @ 8:00 AM - November 3, 2023 @ 8:00 AM 8 King Street Queens, NY United States + Google Map

Small Business Saturday Workshop

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We are living in a world where all kinds of livings beings are there. If GOD made you capable of helping someone. DO HELP THEM.

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We Promise That Your Giving Will Reach To The Needy And It Will Help Us To Create A Better Environment For Everyone.

It Doesn’t Matter To Us Where You Live, Even If You Are In A Distant Village. Our Duty Is To Help You And That Too Without Any Meaning. We Just Want That Everyone Can Help The Needy.

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      This campaign needs urgent medical support. Message from Reporter:- ,i m sheenu gupta. In night rescue this paralyzed dog from Ghaziabad n sent to super dodo dog shelter. Treatment foster n ambulance charges Need 8000 Paytm googlepay phonepe I need ur support. So many rescues. Pls guys support. I know i post most of d time. Bt i cant ignore to these voiceless. So i rescue. Bt wdout ur support i will be not able to rescue. So pls support 🙏🙏 87002 24006 Paytm googlepay phonepe

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