A unique internship program

If you are interested to join a dynamic social startup group with a view of committing a part of your life in which not only fulfills your social responsibility but also assists in the development of your country with new innovations. If you have a good social circle and you do understand your responsibility of bringing up the change in society. Then, Staallion foundation is the platform for you.

What internship offers to you?

  • Actively supporting the business development for social growth.
  • Promote and create fundraising campaigns for supporting medical emergencies and startup funding requirements.
  • Assisting patients and individuals in receiving their assistance regarding funds deployment.
  • Maintaining a database of the hospitals, donors and investors.
  • Play a vital role in assisting customers regarding their queries.
  • Put in your efforts for increasing the number of campaign creators under medical fundraising and startup fundraising.
  • Attend meetings with Hospitals, investors to provide guidance to make the campaign successful.
  • Generate leads through social media platforms.


  • Anyone with the Minimum age to apply is 18 years & above
  • Undergraduate students or fresh graduates may also apply.
  • The candidate must take his work as a social responsibility.
  • The candidate must be a socially active person.
  • The candidate must have a phone/ laptop.



To volunteer, kindly e-mail your resume to