Team Staallion

We a team of 12+ individuals at Staallion foundation provides complete crowdfunding solutions all over INDIA to empower individuals to raise funds for medical emergencies for all living beings through online and offline modes, as well as for their startup projects. No matter how big or small the amount is, we are there for you to help by seeking help from all over INDIA. We aim to provide help to those who need it and just want a platform. We Staallion foundation created a unique crowdfunding platform that will assist them in reaching several donors and investors around the globe.

How stallion foundation started?

The founder of Staallion Foundation Mr. Nilesh Kumar Agarwal started Staallion foundation, due to the Pandemic crisis which he saw all over the world. He lost someone close to his heart due to lack of money, on that very day he decided to work for society and in memory of that person because the only thing that could have saved that person was the arrangement of money in due time. So he researched regarding working of crowdfunding platforms in INDIA and he analyzed the actual problem faced by people in INDIA which stops anyone to raise a helping hand for someone. The main hurdle that he observed was the trust factor among each other and the second one is the demographic reach issue. He discussed his idea with a friend and that’s what lead to the birth of Staallion foundation.

The Power of Togetherness

As they say, the power lies within you to transform anything and the power of togetherness can dilute any hurdle which comes in its way. The staallion foundation understands the social responsibility along with the development of the country. We are here to guide you, to assist you, to support you in every possible manner. Let’s commit together to bring a social change and work for the betterment of INDIANS. Each small contribution will have a bigger impact on anyone’s life.