This case is reported by Keshav regarding a dog infected with parvovirus and is under treatment. We would like to raise
Rs. 980 as the total expense for the treatment including fees and medication for 4 days of this dog.
Please support us and donate to continue serving strays.

We need cages for capturing dogs as we face issue while transporting a stray, who need medical attention. Please contact Keshav directly.

Either you can fund or directly provide the cage to us.

We NILESH STAALLION FOUNDATION started running sterilization drive in Meerut for stray dogs. So that their population can be controlled and they can get proper food and won’t get infected very soon. Please support us in this drive. Contact – NILESH STAALLION FOUNDATION – 9650646961 for details regarding sterilization.

This campaign is run by Addishi Gupta in Meerut. Due to dog bite a dog got ear infection and we need money to support the treatment and medication. Please come forward and support this campaign and you can also contact the campaign owner directly.

Total expense required as of today is Rs. 2124 approx

Location Meerut


This case was reported by Keshav regarding a dog being poisoned by someone. we took him to the doctor but still couldn’t save him.

Campaign owner – Keshav – 8859073882

Total expense – 140 injection +200 fees


This campaign needs urgent medical support.

Message from Reporter:- 

,i m sheenu gupta. In night rescue this paralyzed dog from Ghaziabad n sent to super dodo dog shelter.
Treatment foster n ambulance charges
Need 8000
Paytm googlepay phonepe
I need ur support. So many rescues.

Pls guys support.
I know i post most of d time.
Bt i cant ignore to these voiceless.
So i rescue. Bt wdout ur support i will be not able to rescue.
So pls support 🙏🙏

87002 24006
Paytm googlepay phonepe

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